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New Hatch Arrival Schedule

The arrival of the next few batches of new hatch chicks are listed below.  You can pre-order your new hatch chicks at  Click here for detailed preorder instructions. Chicks do not have to be pre-ordered you are welcome to come pick from all available chicks at the farm.

FEBRUARY 16, 2017

EXTREMELY RARE BREED PULLETS  - Blue Wyandottes  - Blue Laced Red Wyandotte - Blue Australorps -Silver Leghorns - Spangled Russian Orloffs - Salmon Favorelles -  $12 each

EXTREMELY RARE CRESTED POLISH PULLET - Silver Laced Polish - Gold Laced Polish - White Crested Black Polish - Buff Laced Polish - $12 each

VERY RARE BREED PULLETS -- Buff Brahma - Dark Brahma - Cuckoo Marans - Welsummer -Naked Necks - Speckled Sussex - Silver Laced  Wyandottes - Gold Laced Wyandottes  - Ameraucana/EE - Olive Eggers - Black Jersey Giants - Buckeyes  $10 each

STANDARD BREED PULLETS - Barred Rock -Cinnamon Queen - Black Australorp - Rhode Island Red- Buff Orpington - White Leghorn - Black Sexlink - AustraWhites- Rhode Isalnd White - $6 each

COCHIN PULLETS (Standard Size)   - Partridge Cochin - Gold Laced Cochin - Silver Laced Cochin - Red Cochin  - Black Cochin - White - Barred Cochin - $10 each

New Hatch Chicks Purchased on New Hatch Weekend , if you purchase 5 or more of any kind (mix and  match)  of new hatch chicks, receive a 15% or greater discount on every chick. Discount is not applicable to preordered chicks.


                 $6                                                 $5

                  $8                                                 $6

                   $10                                               $8

                   $12                                               $10

                   $15                                                $12

                    $20                                               $15

                    $25                                               $20

Chicks may be preordered for shipment at two weeks of  age or pick-up at the farm from new hatch to two weeks of age.  Chicks must be ordered and paid for at least 3 days prior to the posted new hatch availability day in order to guarantee reservation. Please see the PreOrdering Baby Chicks page for more details.

New Hatch Weekend Schedule
December 15-17
January   19 -21